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Do not mourn your wife

Revelation and Dung to lay grass to save food for cattle eat winter cold. Today, sunny, warm, two people naked exposed the muscle flexed chest and two hands. Two people in their thirties, who are close friends from the beginning and from the beginning to the end of secondary school.

Revelation is fun, seductive, not afraid of anyone, anything dare to do if he likes. On the other hand, Dung is shy, eager to see the girl’s face blush, not dare to open flirting. Year 12 flick flick flicked, enchanted math teacher than a decade old guy. The couple had sex in the after-school classroom and nearly expelled if his father was not familiar with the principal. Khai and Dung are very close together, side by side.

Do not mourn your wife

Revelation is a healthy young man, handsome so the girls follow a lot. He considered girls as entertainment, not love anybody so long, so when you get married she also shared with Dung because the girl should not have you. After graduating from high school, Khai went to university and met Duyen.

Duyen is a beautiful young student, charming face, charming smile, pink skin, smooth. At the first meeting, Dung dreamed of embracing the ivory body. Dung is familiar, with the experience has been taught Revelation only three months after Duyen has fallen into the hands of Dung.

When Duyen became a lover of Dung, two people often go out together. They go to the park to talk to the movie theater. Many times Dung wanted to test fire first but she refused to tell her why she refused and advised him to spend the wedding day.

Four years later, when they both graduated from college, they got married. That night, Dung broke virginity
. Through the pain when the penny pierced the hymen, cuon was accustomed to cock, no longer feel burning, Duyen attended the wedding night enthusiastically.

On the honeymoon, Dung got up all her type from lying on his back, lie on his stomach, standing, sitting. From his lips to his breasts, cunts, asses, arms, legs, wherever he had his hands, mouth, tongue and cock he gave her great pleasure. The couple’s sexual life takes place from the bed, the floor, the sofa, the bathroom to the garden, the moonlight of the full moon.

While laying grass, Khai told Dung, "Yesterday I played a girl. She is also pretty, but not as beautiful as Duyen. She knew how to use her mouth and cunt to squeeze her sperm. She was the first person to make her happy since the day she was discharged to the present. "

Disappointment has been over for a month and returned with the couple to find new jobs. Revelation is for a room next to the living room. Sometimes he brought the girl back to the room. "It’s better if he brings the girls to somewhere else. "

In addition to bringing the girl back to the playroom, Revelation takes advantage of the opportunity to touch the coast. For the first time, Duyen saw the hand of Khai’s butt, slipping away, jumping back and banging his hand. Laugh, smile at the wink, go out the door. The sensual smile of Khai makes it difficult to keep calm for a long time. Desiring to tell this story to his husband, he replied, "Oh, it’s okay, count him like that. He often jokes with friends, many of them are happy, cheerful, and have not seen anyone protest about his actions. "

Before the Revelation came, Shorts, Short Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Short Sleeves, Bustier. From the day when Khai appeared in the house, Duyen had to change his clothes with trousers, a button-down shirt and a bra. Dressed neatly, discreetly, but still can not hide the beauty of her charm. Revelation was taken to the bed. When Revelation touched the coaster, she found only a gentle protest, so he continued to use near her, as if accidentally touching his chest, touching the butt. A few weeks later, Duyen accustomed, no longer pay attention, evade the impact of the hand of Revelation.

Revelation continues to talk about the girl he played the night before. "I should go with her to go to her. I’m sure she will let the two of us play together "

" Good idea ! But I have a wife, Duyen will not let me be free to share your little girl "

"I find sexily provocative, she must have made him tired, no longer designed to others. She was clever, well-balanced, docile when she was in bed right? "

"Do not talk about my wife like that"

" Hey you ! Do not get angry, I just want to know the ability in Duyen’s bed only. We often talk to each other about problems. Have we ever hidden each other? "

"I’m not angry. I just do not think I should talk about my private life. "

"I do not ask about your private life. I just want to know about her sexual ability Duyen satisfy you and you are satisfied her? "

" Excellence "

"I think it’s just great to be able to join. "

Dung silent, at this time Khai is not known to play together should move to another topic. Ending the story of Khai in the kitchen preparing dinner, Dung go to the cage to go to the cage. Half an hour later Dung returned home, to the gate he stopped looking at the kitchen.

Dung saw Khai standing near the coast in front of the dish sink. They say nothing heard, only see Khai’s hands rubbing butt her but no gestures protest. Left hand rub the buttocks, right hand rub the belly and move to squeeze the breast with the agreement of. Hands removed from the breast, raised on the chin, moving his face toward him. Charming eyes closed, Khai bent down kissing on her charming lips, she opened her lips to him to penetrate her mouth. After a passionate kiss, Dissolution unfolds in a comatose state.

Dung walked into the kitchen as if he did not see anything. Confused blush, anxious, do not know how to conceal sin. Revealing the avocado as if nothing had happened, only grace manifested clumsy gestures, facial expression awkward all afternoon.

Duyen friendship between Khai and Dung extremely close. They often go out to eat late at night.
Dung was glad she did not object to sharing the house with Khai. They are close together, no matter what, Dung also tells Revelation about her sexual ability. Consequently, Revelation had coveted her many times deliberately touching her body.

Sensibility to Revelation quickly flourished in the heart. She felt proud to have two handsome men accompanying the two in the singing or go to the restaurant. Many women uttered jealousy about her luck.

In the evenings, the three of them went to the gym, drank some wine and went to the dance floor. After dancing with her husband, she returned to the floor with Khai. Taking advantage of the opportunity in the light of color, flickering, blurred, the hands of Khai rubbed butt, Duyen Duyen. At this moment she considered the action is very normal, no wonder.

Today, while Duyen was preparing dinner, seeing Revelation from the garden, she said, "In a few minutes, dinner is ready for us. Quickly wash, then eat cold food. Mr. Dung where did not see? "

"Dung is also eating herds, about half an hour he will return. Depends on the bath with him for fun "

Duyen has heard the habit of Khai’s boat, no longer embarrassing. "He bathed first, I wait for Mr. Dung to bathe after"

Sophie laughed, went to the bathroom. Hurry to bathe him in jeans and T-shirt to go to the kitchen.
Revelation and her husband, Duyen see two people alike from height, temperament to dark skin, smooth and strong. She is blushing to think of how his cock, bigger or smaller than her husband "

Just finished the salad, Duyen saw the next to stand next to her, rubbing her hands. Already familiar with the clever way of Revelation, she smiled, pounding lightly on his hand "Lift your hand out of the furnace, do not you think Dung is not good"

Rub and clap her ass. "Why do not we go to the bedroom? I would like to fish, you will enjoy it, I will please you "

"I see you go too far. How will you treat him when you know he is asking his wife to bed with him? "

Answering Duyen’s question by continuing to squeeze and rub his ass. "You have beautiful buttocks, you can not leave your hands away from it. "She was also interested in her ass, but she was forced to stop. He ignored what he heard, put his hands on his squeeze. His hand rubbed her breasts through the fabric and bra that she still felt hot.

Duyen felt cunt, the water was leaking because she was a man who liked to squeeze her breasts. She trembled, her legs want to decapitate when he lifted his chin, kissed his lips. Desire to push him out but not enough strength.
Seductive kiss makes Maniac lovers, automatically kisses his lips, welcomes his tongue.

Just caught a glimpse of her husband from outside to go to the kitchen. Just as before, both Khai and Dung were silent, no one seemed shy or angry

During dinner, no one told anyone what, Dung as well as Revelation can sit eating as nothing important happens. After dinner, Duyen came to the living room to watch TV, but she was very confused, do not understand what her husband thought when seeing two people kissing without the attitude of anger. Duyen felt sorry for her husband should expect to go to bed early, so she had the opportunity to redeem her husband.

Revealing that Dung saw him embrace the coast without saying anything means that Dung is thinking of the days when two men once had sex with a woman. Are you now wanting to love Khai Khai with him? Revealing hope soon enough, Duyen will be in his arms with the agreement of Dung.

Duyen watching the TV show, stood up to stretch his shoulders, go to bed. Dung spoke good night with Khai and followed his wife into the bedroom. After waiting for the couple to come to the room, he went to the pub to have fun with her hostess before her husband arrived.

In the room, Duyen rushed, took off all clothes, lying in bed waiting for her husband. Watching her breasts pounding with solid breast implants on his wife’s chest, Dung did not even take off his clothes, ducked into the bed, grabbed the peach into his mouth to chew.

Gradually pushed him out, help him take off his clothes, hugging him, kissing his lips, on the chest, then sucking her husband. Dung lay back on the bed, holding her legs twisted, to claw on her mouth. Dung lifts the cunt up, the fingers turn the fur covering the cunt, then open the door, go into the first. One finger, two fingers and three fingers in the cave. Three fingers rotate, turn around, lure all over the same cave, alley. When they discover the G-spot, Duyen does not impede the moans, the trembling, the croaking, the gossiping,

Dang opened mouth to drop the water drops and slam the tongue into the cunt to not drop any water drops in the wrong place. Depends on the hands of her husband on the body. She regretted her husband to infringe the ban reserved for her husband.

Dung lying on the back lying on his back, legs out, bright red cunt, iridescent by the underwater under the lights. Watching the hot, wet cunt, Dung remembered the time when she had groped and groped without any reaction. Duck and mad. He never had this strange feeling.

No hesitation, no longer angry, his hard erection, he lay on the stomach, cock between her legs. Dung lifting the butt, the coke to the mouth of the cunt has opened, stamped down the rolling.

Every day, Dung also destined Duyen, also make her happy. But today he moved away with another thought every day. This is the first time he ejaculated eagerly, punching fast, strong and continuous, not let her breath as he was when a new woman first met.

Dizzy, shocked with the cock deep down, very strong, fast as rape, but very happy. She felt like a big cock, longer, harder. She had achieved three extremely pleasurable pleasures that he still hugging piles on the uterus. From the date of marrying to the time of Duyen never had the moments of happiness as today.

Duyen has two legs, hugging Dung back, lifting cunt when he pounded his cock down, shouting "happy too … s gggg too dear … never been happy like today …. Oh II …. "Dung never seen grace as love today. He guessed she was thinking of reincarnation so that she would join in the rain of enthusiasm. He speed up, close the cock into the cunt as deep as the plunger in the cylinder of the race car near the destination.

Doubt felt the semen in his testicles flush out, causing the vasectomy tubes to grow out so that he flushed the rays of seed so never into the womb. Two hands, two legs gracefully grasped Dung, his chest squeeze her breasts, two plump fur rubbed against each other to bring her the fourth climax.

Dung pulled out soft cock from the cunt, rolled down the bed, lying on the edge of gasping breath. At this moment, Dung felt guilty for acting too much for her, raping her as an enemy. " Sorry to you…. Do you make me sad? I do not understand why today you are too excited, you make too strong, you must be very upset, right?

"No … I’m so happy … maybe we’ve had some shortcomings before. Today we find a way to fill that shortcoming that "

The couple hugged each other. In the morning to wake up, Duyen also blushed on the bright, cheerful face.
Dung went to take a bath in the kitchen to prepare breakfast breakfast for three people. For the first time to enjoy a wonderful night with her husband, Duyen thought from now should refuse the touch, touch, kiss of Revelation because it is a sin act.

Duyen is standing in front of the kitchen warming food, Khai comes behind, arms out to the front of the breast. At the same time kiss on the nape, tongue stick licking his cheek, whispered ear "Was so happy last night? "

Deprecated, stomping feet, protest region, but there is no way out of the arms of Revelation. Looking down the hand with a style like the hands of her husband has made Duyen passionate last night. Anger disappears, instead of erect nipples poked in the hands of her husband. With a shaky voice, Duyen asked, "What do you mean by last night? "

"You know better than me. Yesterday, I drove you stronger, longer, make you love, happy
three, four in a row, right? "

"It’s not my job. Ask you to avoid me preparing breakfast. "

Traveling to the table, sitting down, watching Duyen continue cooking, smiling, did not speak any language, so she had time to think about what he said.

Unable to tolerate long, Duyen asked "Why do you know? "

"Last night, when I kissed you in the kitchen, Dung stood outside the door and saw it all. Dung saw his hand squeezing his nipple, I saw him kissing, seeing both his lips parted to receive his tongue. This incident has caused him to heat up, he will certainly heat the heat on his brother, making him numb, confused, fainted in pleasure. "

"He squeezed her breasts, kissed me while he knew my husband was watching.

" Right. As you told me you and Dung have been having sex with a woman many times. If I saw yesterday night is a happy night, I will see if you join him, the fun will go to the climax of pleasure "

"That will never happen. Mr. Dung will never let him touch his wife, do not expect "

"What about you? Do you like Dung when you are content? "

Duyen is not timely response to see Dung is going to the table should be silent. Finished breakfast, two men to the garden, fix the fence. Duyen stayed in the house with a lot of thought. She was surprised by her husband’s eagerness last night. Was it because he saw her consent to the eroticism of Revelation? Duyen not understand if two men at the same time to make love to her. Have fun right as Khai said no.

After a few hours of hard work, Dung and Khai rejoin. Sitting in the shade in the garden, the two drank water, chatting. To investigate Dung’s reaction, Khai asked, "How are you? Last night were you happy? The battle is so intense right? "

"What do you say? "

"Do not fake you. I know you’ve seen yourself kissing yesterday night. "

"You find yourself but still calmly kissed, kissing Duyen? "

"I want you to see what you say. You know I will not disturb Duyen if you do not agree. He silently did not say anything else to be excited to make Duyen ecstatic, tired of the night, meaning he agreed to join the love triangle. "

"How did you know? "

"I asked your wife this morning"

"She confirmed last night is fantastic? "

"No, she was silent, she did not dare to confess, but she looked sheepishly, proving herself right"

Dung smiled. He never kept secret for Revelation.

"Do you think it’s time for us to bring her together in T’ai-S’en? Remember that we have helped to bring the girls into the game, and they have happily returned to us many times. "

"I remember. But I can not talk to her, so try to ask her "

"He talked to her more directly. "

Dung sat quietly for a moment, thinking, and said, "It’s hard for me to say that I do not want my marriage ruined when I say it myself and will not accept it. "

"My dear friend! I do not want to hurt you, but she is a girl that I can not let my hand away from her body. She is a very attractive girl. I know you have to fight fiercely with many young men in the past to capture her. Although I am a diplomatic friend can not be exceptions, do not fight to keep booty? "

"Because you’re my best friend, I was silent when you kissed me"

"If you do not want to talk to her directly, let me tell you. I promise not to rape her when she does not consent. "

Doubtful that if he did not accept Revelation’s request, he would come to her and take her with him. Dung knows no girl out of the courtship, enticement of Revelation. Dung has seen Duyen super affection to open up, kissing and kissing only resistance. Dung did not want to lose, then asked "What do you want now? "

"You gave yourself a moment near her while you were not there. I promise I will not do anything that you disagree with. "

Two friends returned home for lunch. Take out her husband with a kiss on the lips. At dinner, Duyen looked at her husband, saw Revelation happy, enjoying the dishes she made deliciously unprecedented. She did not know what had happened. After dinner the two men went out to the garden to fix the fence.

Having just started work, Khai asked, "Why do not you find a reason to go out to the streets to stay home alone with Duyen? "

"I’ll go to town to buy some barbed wire to fix the fence. He will have an hour with Duyen at home alone. "

Go to the garden with the intention of helping your husband and you fix the fence. From afar she saw her husband drive the pickup where unknown. She chase, because she also wants to buy something necessary. Looking around, he saw himself alone in the corner of the garden, asking "Where are you going? "

Revealing the ceiling with Jean pants, mowing hay into a small pile of Duyen sitting. She sat down on the grass, and Khai sat down beside her. Reveal your arms over the shoulder of Duyen. She tried to get her hands out, but she did not give up. Now the new Revelation answered "Dũng street to buy some steel bar"

Hand to hand a few to the shoulder, then back to the butt, continue the answer "Actually, I ask Dung go somewhere for a chance to be near you alone"

"I do not believe, Dung left to leave me alone with me? "

Die rubbed his butt here and then turned to the other butt and said "Yes, Dung agreed"

Duyen is fascinated by Khai’s hot hands. She hardly believed Dung to leave to reveal her near
her husband is absent. She recalled that Khai said last night that Dung saw his hand on her breast without saying anything, while making her extremely refreshed. Maybe the Revelation was right. The news, half suspected that Revelation is what dare do, right now he has achieved the purpose of sitting next to her in a deserted place only two people.

With one hand, King Turning to face him and prepare to kiss. She tried to turn her face away, but with her hard, iron hand, she was forced to let his lips rest, unable to escape the protest.

Reveal the soft, red lips of Duyen. He did not waste time using the power of her tongue. At first she clenched her lips but not long before she opened her lips to warm warm tongue into her mouth.

While the two tongues intertwined, Khai’s hand took off each button of Duyen’s shirt. When the last button was no longer in her dress, she felt the wind flowing through her breasts. Rea stood up and pulled her up. Two pairs of lips were attached to each other, the two tongues were still wrapped together, she felt from the head to the legs, the two men and women are also close together.

Before she knew what would happen next, the brassiere and brassiere had left her. Her breasts had nothing to cover up with hard husked breasts like corn croaking into his chest. At this time she was his. Revelation can take her any time he wants.

Reaching sitting down, take off the belt buckle, pulled the door pulling pants, pulling her pants down to the knee when the car of Dung back. Khai stopped, Duyen hurriedly pulled up his pants, find a shirt and bra but did not see the bra at any place. She hurriedly asked, "Where is my nipple? "

" Do not know. You go to your husband, he will try to find it after "

Dung just turn off the car, Duyen has to kiss him to embrace "He went to the street without telling me to go.
I’m looking to buy some items for the kitchen. "

Dung saw the hard nipples on the thin fabric of Duyen’s hand and rubbed his hands and asked, "From the day I came here, I wore a bra. Why did not you wear today? But this is better, I like you naked, without a bra. "

Dung looked over the shoulder of Duyen, see the stand standing by the grass, in the hand of the braid of the coast. Dung smiled that Khai has succeeded in seducing Duyen, if he returned a little longer, then Khai has inserted his cock into the coast. Thinking that, Dung also ate up, he must reluctantly think of other things to the downcast.

Duyen saw her husband floating at the door of the pants, immediately feel the water rush, hurry to go home. If he meets her husband, Duyen turns around and sees Khai’s hand held up with a bobbin raised for him.

"You hit the wrong time too. If I slow down then I have convinced her "

Dung received the bracelet from the hand of Revelation, asked "How much longer to convince her? "

"Oh, nothing. I took this bra before she knew it was lost. She still opposed her opinion because she did not believe you agreed. Tonight you can continue to bring her to the peak of pleasure and suggest that she accept the love triangle. "Revealed that she had taken off her pants and was about to break up.

Revelation craved your wife more than all the women he had. Dung was happy to eat the second girl of Revelation. Dung did all that Revelation required. Dung can not refuse the desire of Revelation, must share the feelings of Duyen with him.

On Friday, three people go to the restaurant and drink, Duyen is no longer alone with Revelation. At the restaurant, drinking Duyen is the most prominent. Dung was proud of her when she saw everyone praising her beauty. Not only men but also women jealous.

The fluffy buttocked should become familiar with Dung’s hand. At times, Dung’s hand does not hold her butt. During that time the couple, every night hugging each other rolling in bed very enthusiastic and open.

While resting after the rain, Duyen said "It is time to find another place for Khai"

" Why. Did he do something to please you? Revelation is a very close friend of him, let him here a few days to find a job. When he has a job and goes elsewhere.

"I’m afraid it will be late"

" What do you say ? I do not understand "

"You know, Khai had squeezed the nanny, kissed him, took off his shirt, and dragged me to bed with him. Do not you think bad things will happen if he’s near you? "

"You can not expel Revelation because during our school years we shared everything, including women. Now he found that flirting with me, touching his body, making him love, fire flushed up in the moment of sexual intercourse with him. "

"I admit, Revelation has inspired me, love you more. If you do not tell him to stop, it’s hard for you to stay faithful to him. You understand what you mean? "

Listen to his wife confessed to Khai, the pair of jeans, pointed straight ahead. He wants to tell Revelation but he again remember when two people together a woman should again want to share with Duyen Khai.

After the meal, three people go to the discotheque. In addition to the clothes are wearing on the body, from top to bottom are no bra and underpants. Every time she bent down, her breasts appeared in front of everyone. She deliberately show her husband and Revelation enjoy. But the waiter also has to find the opportunity to come out, many times to wash his eyes crave.

Dung and Khai revisit to the floor with her. On the floor both Khai as Dung, no one forget the breast and buttocks of Duyen. At the table she sat in the middle, two boys on either side. After a few cups of wine, she felt Dung’s hand on her thigh, five fingers crawling upward, threaded in the skirt to the groin.
She quickly took his hand to the original point.

Embracing felt the other thighs also have hands. Duyen smiled, holding his hand in the middle of the road into the war zone. Duyen sitting between two men, this side is her husband, the other side is her husband, the hands of two people want to enter the secret.

At first Duyen tried to stop the path of two hands into the secret. But soon enough, she gave in, with two legs, opening the door to the enemy. She looked down to see what would happen when the two invaders met each other.

Two Knees knee to the sides, the middle of the open, two hands of two men at the same time pass the bear skirt to touch the cunt. Emotionally liberated, laughing loudly when two hands touching, the expression on the expression of the two men.

Duyen stood up, saying "I think it’s time for us to go home"

The two men were not ready to meet, she was halfway to the door, her husband and her husband rushed to pursue.

On the way home, Duyen sitting in the back seat, the two men in the front seat. Three people silent, no one said anything. Two men have no idea what. She was not foolish to say her opinion first, because even when her hands touched the fire, she did not know.

When she got home, the car stopped, she opened the door, entered the house, two men had no chance to open the car for her down.

Dung and Khai saw her step up the stairs. Two men looked at each other laughing. Revelation

"Now what? "

Dung replied, "I have not consulted her yet, so that tomorrow I will answer"

Duyen up to the last ladder, back to the proposal "I have a little work, need two people here help me"

The two men looked at each other and thought, she spoke in a natural voice, her facial expression was not cheerful, nor angry, so she did not understand. But Khai and Dung also have to follow her request.

Through the bedroom door half closed, half open, the two men went to see her completely naked lying in bed.
They paused, staring at the naked lover, showing her horny breasts pounding with her breath until she spoke. "What are you waiting for? Did you want me to like this? If Mr. Dung does not agree to go further, I stop here. If you agree, then both of you take off your clothes, come here and do what you did together with the women when you were single. "

Dung and Gabriel stripped off all clothes, rushed to bed lying on both sides, Duyen in the middle. He kissed her on the lips, kissing her tongue on the tongue. A new mouth snaps into her breast with her tongue sliding over her nipple. After a minute, the mouth swings, the nipple to the lips, the lip to the breast. While the two mouths alternate in the upper part, the four hands of Dung and Khai alternately touching from the abdomen to the thighs of Duyen, especially in the junction of the body.

Lying on the back, the groin to wear what the two lovers want to do. She enjoyed the pleasures of two mouths and four hands. She achieved the first orgasm after two minutes of resting enjoyment.

At this time Dung took up the whole upper section, Khai pulled down to charge the lower half of the coast. Revelation about the seed, his tongue dribbled the dew from the cuckoo, then use the tongue instead of the coast. She received another orgasm again.

Two men circulated, moving up, down, sweet nectar from the cuckoo out to be drunk by two, not to drop any seeds. Mouths and nipples are always the mouth and hands of the husband and the alternating rotation stimulates them to become erectile and the third orgasm reappears in the body.

Dung told Khai, "It’s time I want to see you in my cunt’s cunt."

With your suggestion, Khai immediately lifted his wife’s legs to his shoulders, bent down on her knees to press her chest. Two fingers cunt cunt, the turtle’s head to the right cunt, Revealing cock on the wet cunt of your wife.

Dung and Khai have played a girlfriend together, but this is the first time Dung has played his most beautiful wife, he most wanted to keep the monopoly that no one touched.

When the cock was flooded in the cunt, Khai stopped, looked up at the couple with gratitude. "This is the first time I feel so happy that you let me have fun with you. I have had sex with many daughters but no one compares with Duyen. Thank you. "

Cai Khai began to push in, pulled out in the tight cunt, kneeling close to the cock. Always leave the upper half of the coast for you. Now the entire body of Duyen Duyen’s right to use, he kissed lips, suck tongue to breast feed. He used all his hands, his legs, his mouth, his tongue to discover every part of her body while his cock was not pressed against the mortar.

Duyen is extremely happy, at the same time being husband and husband love. She felt several orgasms beyond her imagination. Her beautiful body dedicated to her husband, now has another man brought her many pleasures never enjoyed.

Duyen not want to let her husband sit watching her make love to others, immediately told Khai to stop and withdraw his cock. She turned, two hands and two knees down the bed and said "Now Khai continues to play me from the back, Dung put his cock into my mouth. "

Penitentiary of Simpsons village find shelter. It did the thing that Dung had done many nights ago. It rushed in, retreated, a deep, two shallow, at first relaxed, then quickly. Five minutes later, I was forced to discharge all my oxygen into the uterus.

Charm shivering, muscle cramp squeezed the turtle’s head, exhausted all the gas into the womb, and at the same time Dung also spilled crystal into her mouth. At the same time, the three of them were all overjoyed. They hugged each other to sleep beautiful dream.

Dung is the first person to wake up, step into the bed to go to the bathroom. Next, Duyen followed her husband to the bathroom. Two people brush each other, then go out to make room for Khai into personal hygiene.

Prepare to finish breakfast, take the table had Dung waiting there. Under the dim light of the night light, the fun becomes poetic and extremely enjoyable. Now between the barbarians, the white Dawn shy, do not understand the consequences of the triple joy will be, her character, her quality is her husband disdain?

Revelation from the bathroom came out greeting two people and then to kiss on the coast. His hands found the breasts behind the nightgown. Duy hopes Dung as happy as last night and still love her as before. Duyen excited, saw Dung stood up, came to her, kissed on the neck. Duyen returned to embrace her husband for a long time with a grateful attitude, extremely passionate.

Courage to receive the warmth of his wife through a pair of erectile dysentery poked his chest. Cuc Dung smells crap smell, ready to meet the requirements of the cunt.

Emotional satisfaction, no change in her husband’s love. She understood from now she has two strong men love her. Three people will live together on a bed, under a cozy roof, in a family of two, a grandmother.

After breakfast, the two men continued to work in the garden. Revelation is always fun, whistling, singing throughout the day. During the break, the two men talked about the night before.

"Your opinions are always right," Dung said. Last night was so much fun, more than the times we slept with a mistress. "

"First of all we need to satisfy her in every action. One more thing I would like to ask you is would you please let me meet you alone? "For former girls, the two of them had been alone playing a single person when they liked it. But Duyen is the official wife of Dung, Khai must consult first to not lose your heart.

Dung replied, "Yes, you can meet her separately when she agrees and you also give me separate times with my beloved wife"

"If so, I’ll go back to consult her this afternoon."

An hour before lunch, Revelation rushes home, rejoicing as the child woke up early to the fireplace to pick up Christmas presents.

Preparing to prepare nearly lunch, startled the Reveal into the kitchen as the chase, asked "So early, how come he came? Uncooked rice must wait for more minutes to eat. "

"I know, but now I think we have enough time to get used to before lunch for lunch. "

"Last night, I left you satisfied on your body, now I can not please you without my husband"

"You do not do anything after Dung. Dung knew he was ahead and Dung agreed to let him have fun with him before lunch. "

Knowing that Revelation did not lie, and she also needed freedom alone with her new lover. She grasped his neck for two pairs of thirsty lips sticking together. His tongue and tongue twist together, passing from mouth to mouth. Her breasts are rigid and sly, ready to eat her cock.

The two of them hurriedly took off their clothes. Turning to turn the coast face to the kitchen table, she bent down, put her hand on the table, waiting for him to peck on the cunt from behind. He did not waste his time, holding the cob in the middle of his cunt mouth. With a strong blow, hit the ball in the hot cunt, wet of the beauties. While poking in, poking out in the cunt, his two hands also look for breast massage, squeeze, love two nipples. She pushed her butt back to get out.

Rapidly pulling, plunging like a plunger in a high-speed car. Embodied response, push the butt behind holding the original cockroach, mouth cuff closed tight clawed out, close tight. There was no creeper that made him happy with the cage.

Rea felt a tight knuckle and knew she was coming out and he was also more difficult to hold. His hands left the breast, pulled down hugging his tight round ass, tight, clambering close to his crotch.

Depression forced the crocodile root, take the spurt of sperm into the womb, and also receive the rush to orgasm rushing.

Dang wait for an hour, enough time for your wife and you make love to finish home. In the kitchen, he saw his wife was preparing food on the table, Khai was preparing drinks. He knew that two people were satisfied with the instruments and pussy so they were happy.

Dung went to the back while Duyen tried to avoid her husband’s eyes. Although she knew her husband had no idea what was going on in the kitchen, she still felt sorry for her husband. Dung asked, "Did you enjoy more than yesterday night? "
With a shy expression, she replied "Yes, but no more than yesterday night"

Dung turned to smile and asked Khai "Fun do not you? "

"It’s fun, it’s more fun than I expected. I can not wait until tonight to do right, before you return. "

That night the fun of the three continued. Separation between bed, husband and husband sandwiched on both sides. The four hands of two men travel throughout the body of love goddess. Two mouths, two tongues of two men alternate kissing lips, tongue button, breast sucking, lick cum even the anus of the fairy descended. The cubs also alternately closed their mouths, crotches and asshole.

Duyen felt that both of them at the same time served better than one by one. The two take turns her into the realm of Heavenly night is not boring. She was pleased to be two males serving until the sunrise. By that time they begin to sleep, leaving all the breakfast as usual.

The next three months of the revelation, the pillow, shared with his wife until he found a job. Work is too good, high salary but must move away. Revelation is no longer living with his wife Dung, unfortunately the delicious cunt of Duyen.

From the day he left work, Dung had to work alone on the garden, the house and the sexual satisfaction of his beloved wife. Every night he must try to bring his wife into the realm of a few times, three times to rest.

Revelation is 4 hours away from Dung, but because of Duyen, at least once a month have to visit. Friday afternoon to drive to 4 am Monday to leave. During this time Dung gave his wife the freedom of revelation in bed at any time, even without his presence. Although her husband made love freely with Revelation, she rarely encountered Revelation because she liked her playing style.

The sexual intercourse of the three continued until a weekend, after a year of traveling away. While Khai helped Dung to work on the farm, Dung asked, "I ask you to take a break from work, live here with your spouse. We share the same animal breeding, expansion of farming, our life is not bad. Also want to do so, and you agree?

"I think, if I meet a girl who matches, I’ll marry her. Do not know Duyen do not. "

"Duyen agreed with me to invite you to stay together. I think maybe you just fear I want to enjoy your wife only. "

"I never had that intention. Remember when you forgot to bring your girlfriend to play together? If Duyen agreed, I also accept "

"We go to newspapers for Duyen this good news. "

Two friends returned home to meet Duyen. Dung said, "Khai is willing to quit, return to stay with us"
Duyen rejoice, bending back, hugging the Revelation, kissing, kissing.

Khai Duyen, brought to the sofa. Since she was not wearing underwear, Dung was stripped of her clothes, and Khai took off her pants only for ten seconds, as she was completely naked. The two men also quickly stripped off. Dung sat down on the sofa with his hard cock like a police baton. Screw head down, down with two hands, knees to the floor, mouth cocked Dung. Revelation behind the seductive cock into the cunt.

Dang breast pumpkin. Khai grasp the buttocks pulled back, then crashed into the rolls. Dũng mouth, Khai cuồng, Duyen happy, at the same time received two cock, this in the mouth, the other in the cunt. The three of them cooperated in a rain storm passionately until the spit cleaned her husband’s mouth into her mouth.

Dung stands up and go to the bathroom. Khai draw out his cock, take Duyen into the bedroom. Khai and Duyen continue the conversation. Long time to meet again, so this time intercourse two people try to extend the time together as long as possible.

Dung bathed, went out still see his wife and friends hugging each other, rolling on the bed, cock in the cunt, two mouths stick together. He smiled thinking that the day Khai will get married, he will also hug his wife comfortably.


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