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I was pregnant for my students like

Why my story has such a strange name is also due to the story and the story I want to tell – my life story, happened four years ago. I was a 22-year-old student. In addition to studying in college in the morning, I spend the evenings in the week to go to work as a tutor. I do not know whether it is due to luck or it was a lucky gift set for me anymore, I met Phuong – my first pupil and more. And I will soon let you know what we have together, that I have only how to "how to review" how …
I was introduced to Phuong’s family to help him study. Phuong is an 11th grader and she is having some problems with Natural subjects, especially Biology and Math. My job is to help you get rid of the achievements in the shortest time. The greeting, chat with parents Phuong also done. I was instructed to go to my own room – the same place where we study together later. Since it was our first meeting, we only became acquainted with stress, creating a friendly atmosphere. My first impression of Phuong was a cute girl – very cute: her eyes were wide and she was wide open looking at me, her lips were tiny and I guess she was very soft, her skin was smooth and white. Very nice scent, small figure-just stand up to my chest but I own a fairly balanced body and hunting. Phuong is a rather bold girl: I strongly ask if I have a lover (I’m not a handsome guy, only a good looking face.) At high school, due diligence I have a pretty toned body, not too muscled and muscular, but I still look attractive with a healthy, tanned skin tone. Nghe Phuong asked so I just laugh except for the past …
Our first time was, gradually, we became closer to each other. The distance of teachers as well as disappear. We are almost brothers, are friends of each other. Phuong also called me "brother", instead of "teacher" as before. You know? How cute, so naive as a kitten like that, so you called me he was telling the truth, I heard that much. We spend a lot of time talking together. On weekends, I usually take me to many places where I like. In particular, Phuong liked to tease me well enough and also liked to make fun of me. At times like that, I was frowning, chewing lips like a cat very cute bat. The time went by, and then …… I realized, I had feelings for Fang and I know you are the same with me. I want to be your own son. One day, taking courage, I risked asking him a question that he thinks about the love between teacher and student. In response to my words are the sweet but shy words that I long expected. I’m not afraid to say: "Phuong! I love you. "I love Trung too" – Phuong replied. I remember as it was Saturday evening. Then I gave Phuong a sweet kiss before leaving. Clasping my neck, I know what I want but I say: "I wait for you tomorrow! I will give you something unexpected. " Finished listening is also curious but also nodded agree.
We meet up early the next morning, also in this beautiful little room. Today is Sunday, parents are busy to their cousin’s house should be home only Phuong and her maid. Leaning from the gym with sweaty parody, I ran through the sex toy shop to buy Durex – because I wanted to give Phuong a surprise. Today I wore a three-hole T-shirt, in order to see my strong physique, I was wearing a jacket, a pair of handbags, inside to pack the condom I just bought. I go straight to the room is stupefied and can not believe my eyes, today Phuong looks so different: I spread the hair to the shoulder, I wear a thin velvet shirt covered to the navel, white pants you are It was so tight that I could see both my firm and sexy ass. What excited me the most was my breasts. Death – she does not wear a bra! I was shocked to see the nipples of the grown-up girl stiff and protruding like a lotus flower, in front of me provocatively. I even see your nipple fluttering over the thin lining. Witnessing that image, I have to try very hard not to let her cui up, because Phuong made me go too far. Men see the breast without craving new. Then I proactively approached Phuong to try to kiss you, but I hinted: "Trung Trung too bad! Take a shower!". I forgot it was my room in the morning, hihihi. I immediately changed my address, calling me "boss". In my heart, I want to be my mistress, and I am a loyal servant who loves love, protects, and gives the most quintessential.

I said, "Can she bathe me?" Surprised face cute reply: "Master Trung! Take off your clothes and go to the bathroom quickly if you do not get a penalty! " "Please, boss," I replied. I know you are suggesting that I make you bathe me. Then I rushed forward, lifted him and carried him to the bathroom. When I put him on the ground, he was ready to hook my pants down. When the flesh is hardened release now with two rows of blood veins, the root is the black hair grows umbilical back to the navel, all over the two hard-hitting self at the time. I was provocative because I made it this way. Phuong blushed, and I said, "Please, boss, please punish this guy." I just finished speaking when I heard the cool water and the soap bubbles on my head were rubbing on me. One of my hands rubbed, one of my hands ve ve eggs. In the mad rush, I just wanted to bite you right away, but I kept my temper, and I wanted to keep this semen for a special moment. Then I made him stand up, while I was kneeling, stooping. I put my face under the butterfly. The tongue of my tongue so that he fluttered around the door of Phuong, sometimes I hook hook in. Momentarily, her butterfly was drained and I found it was time. I quickly took a quick shower for you and me and then naked like that to carry me to bed. The time has come!
To launch, I play you play puzzle games, who will answer wrongly will be fined. I agree! I was happy to know how well I won. I quizzed him: "When two dogs prepare to mate, what will males do?" She replied: "climb up the children". Sai-males will follow and licking butterflies. So Phuong was fined. I spread his legs, butterfly face on the butterfly that licked shrug, shrink. The smell of the big daughter is very good friends. It makes youngsters healthier and better. He was full of laughter, raised a loud scream. Then I puzzled again: "What’s your baby calf suckling like?" – "How to feed normally?" It’s wrong- the calf it just sucked it just hatched it into its mother’s breast to let the milk flow. You’re fine again kekeke. At this point, I raise the sound of the "cow" and press the mouth of the mouth half of her breast that suck delicious, while feeding, I just rub her head, rubbed the face in the middle of the chest. baby calf. Hand is the breast, the hand is small day Phuong Butterfly. Very much! No sooner that Phuong has released how many sex is sex. Thanks for all my hands. Before I did, I wanted to review my biology. I pointed my hand at her and asked her, "Do you know why some people called it cuckoo? yes. When I saw that, I said, "When a guy’s cunt reaches a certain age, he can harden up and tie the girl’s butterfly, which goes to the daughter’s womb. Here is the egg, which is responsible for pumping semen filling the uterus to fertilize the egg and create baby. At this moment, the girl’s butterfly will be called … "-" *** "- Quick reply. I heard the word "***" from the mouth responded, I irritated irritated but replied: "I want to give you a fuck with each other not hihihi?" , its butterfly spread out to lubricate it smoothly. I stood up and took Durex out of the bag and put the condom in my cunt. Having hand rub Cu cua on the edge of butterfly to catch the oil.
Now, the moment of sublimation of butterflies and cats has arrived, the moment they are intertwined to "evolve" into a cock and ***. Before mating with Phuong, I bowed to my butterfly to suck out all that nutrient-boosting water – which made me stronger and stronger. Phuong now as passionate as the drug. I was too critical for my breast and butterfly, and this is also my first time. Bending face to ear, I said: "Give me mate!" I’m just like a feral cat.

You know? The butterfly girl grows very close, I sucked so much licking that it also opens the mouth is not how much. Only the water that is constantly ripening and two butterfly mantle edges as well as hatched. I gently pressed the tip of my head slowly between the two edges of the butterfly. Dumb, one up, but also quickly calm. I dug into a little deeper but not fast and only ½ cows. Because I was afraid to lose control, but it was fun to lose weight, but also to enjoy the new Big Bear KIA. The hymen on the barrier against my progress. I love the butterfly of the same method for 15 minutes before deciding to destroy my virginity. I slowly pulled out of the butterfly, the mucus in it that look good looking. And then, I concentrated on punching the cuckoo at a rapid and decisive rate, letting it crash straight to Phuong’s womb to destroy his virginity, and then hold the posture unmoved. . The vampire was moaning because of the pain, but quickly flirted with my tongue and saliva so it was okay. I patted on you: "*** I tighten his cock so cut it." After that screen, I started handing over to you.
There I learned that it was so good to get together. The cock is aggressive, arrogant to get into the baby *** are shy and closed self-esteem, one side of the sperm is watery and breast milk. I am like an ardent beast making love with many poses: dog style, missionary style and standing position ….
The first is the dog type, and like the last time, I was feeding it before I did. Phuong is now wider than the need to hesitate, I tucked my cock directly into the *** from the back, hands hugging the waist Cuo that drunk. The lubricant comes with the friction of the two genital organs to produce the sound of white leucopenia is very, very crisp. I fixed the dog for 5 minutes and changed to a missionary style.
This type, I let him lie on his back, two feet high raised on my shoulder, my legs to kneel and then spread out on both sides, made to pierce deep into me ***. My hands grasp my neck, my hands are nipple. I use the force of the lower part of my body, so indented like that. Cries of Phuong accompanied with my happy moan. All make a place to mate can not be better.
And then standing still, me and my brother stood up, one of my hands up my leg, the other hand to support the round ass. My arms hugged my neck. We stand cross legged, easy to mate. This kind of benefit has just been squeezed her ass, was kissed, and cock still hard together with *** kekekeke.
But perhaps the most favorite is still "lift weights", this is a variation of the 69, now my legs wide as the weight to lift me up and down. Every beat down I have a mouth licking a *** or a drop of mucus. And you are so drunk sucking cock for me. I taught you how to play with the male cock, how to lick the head, how to lick men’s ingrown and how to lick the eggs. The temptation to us, in the lust of fascination; look at the cute white picture, the velvet; I made a bold decision: MUST SEE YOU.
Having struggled psychologically so badly I decided to throw the condom away, I thought that if both of you think about it with a pill you would be ok. When I heard this, Phuong was hesitant at first, but when I felt my true feelings, seeing the young man’s body with the knight’s boast waiting to be loved, caring for Phuong I finally agreed to be fertilized.
I decided to use the missionary world to make semen deep into Phuong’s womb. So I put a high pillow just below my waist. Her legs spread wide and grasp the ribs of her son. I threw out and put his cock was pulled into the deep inside me that you. Our crotch patted on each other, my hair was wet now because of Onyx’s clams are too much. My hands against the bed to be able to. The use of two fingers chewing my pounded nipple I made madness unbearable. Sweat the two parodies, the mournful moan, my loving voice: "fertilization, fertilization .." with the punch of the genitals coming here must have reached the peak. I felt a pile of semen about to burst. Break up faster and stronger than ever !!!! I can not stand it !!!!! Phuong also moaned like a poor cat.
At the last second, I put my hands together, pinched my body, squeezed my groin, knotted my cervix and screamed in an orgasm. In the utmost fascination, I could feel the warmth flowing through my cock, for every rhythm of the cock, I moaned one more because it was too. Phuong now like people in the dream, dim lim and cry for the eu …. I knew that I had poured a lot of semen into my womb, because when I pressed my hand against the edge of my abdomen and my abdomen, my water came out, it was sticky and colored like a thick soup .
I pinned my cock into Phuong’s *** and put him in that position, to prevent my spine from escaping. And we hugged to sleep. The bedroom is now full of semen and mucus. In my head and I still have the same lecture in the past: sperm meets eggs will form zygotes, zygote develop into embryo and fetus.
I was pregnant for my students like that ………


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