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This story has nearly 4 years ago, now I have the opportunity to tell.
I was a second year student living alone (in the Central). That day two girls from the country came to visit. The group of children to go to the evening to rain, the middle of that winter, the wind and rain wet the flood.
At night, then 2 new friends do not have a place to sleep, so talk about sleeping. When the poor students fell buttocks should be so, with the same sleep the joy.
So everything started from here …
2 children, who also have a lover, but because the body from level 3 should trust each other. That night I lie between the two always. Life knows what the smell is, so at first worry. But because of familiarity should gradually lessen the tension.
Me: Hey, sleeping together do not tell anyone else. Now there are lovers and should not tau do not want trouble.
What are you doing?
Then giggle and laugh at your country
Em: T k bring the time, now the soul.
Two children: Rua as good, dark tone.
Even though I know it’s scary, I have the habit of wearing only shorts.
Blanket to avoid cold, at first 2 children deliberately poke children so the footstool, the child hugged. I pushed it away but they kept coming.
Em: T up here, here we go anyway.
The two of them giggled quietly, quietly and quietly asleep.
For me, it really is hard. I’m lying on the back of the blanket it crushes not resist. Then you turn to one side. Then what comes back
This one touches your baby’s ass, I do not know the accident or intention that you turn to this child. I do not like the other child: 3.
When you touch his butt, oh, it feels like it’s going to be fucked again.
Try to restrain to watch the static, then really fight the thought is very formidable. I knew it, my friends still looked at each other, and I held onto the opportunity because it had a lover.
But the cough was uncomfortable itching, then I risked holding the cuckoo pulled up and then down gently.
She still sleeps, her hair and aroma from her neck radiates as she stimulates her. She pressed her face and took a deep breath.
He left the cauldron on his butt to help the itch, but the more back cough, he continued to risk another thing is to kiss his neck.
Things turn a different direction from here, when you kiss and lick on the neck then your child is startled, I feel it shakes a little.
I retreat, to see if it is awake or sleeping. My daddy still plugs under it, between the two leg slits.
I slowly started to get back to the original because then scared. Suddenly it turns around …
Its eyes are so wide, I lift my eyes suddenly k know how to say. Speaking out, afraid of the other party heard. Being silent, his friend is close to his eyes still looking into his eyes.
Two noses touch each other, eyes are about 3 cm apart, you pursed lips, and the cuckoo immediately point it.
It: Hello

He hesitated hesitating because he did not know what to say …
I’m sorry…
He whispered: Sorry, sorry.
I whispered: Sorry
Suddenly I just finished sentence it was inclined to kiss me. Life is only kissing the first love 2 3 times at school when learning more evening, now his child kiss him standing picture does not know why.
Not awake, one hand it into the child that clawed.
God, you know that feeling, it’s a slippery, it’s trembling and it’s pleasure.
My lips reflexively follow the bite for his lips, 2 kisses that stuttered in the mouth but not dare to speak loud.
I pulled the blanket out one side and then stripped off his shirt (and you are in the bedroom while sleeping). He pulled his shorts down.
You are reflexive and unprofitable, I was released immediately crawled to sit in front and pointed straight in his face. I know what you mean but also whisper:
It’s not clean yet?
I hastily whispered a hard way: fast, can not stand it
Then he grabbed me and the nipple, I click slowly to enjoy the first time BJ. It’s wet, but it’s smoother and smoother than when it’s clawed. I can not stand for a minute when I feel numb and start preparing.
Em: T out, t
It was released, and the cuckoo rolled down his neck and sprayed sperm. Spray it just bite it and then a long suction button makes me die standing. My legs stretched out as if I had just woken up.
Me: Slow down, slowly …
Really very happy and sad sad at the cu. You also soften down when you bent down to kiss him, two gobbled to kiss kissing. My hand went down to the bun and it gently rubbed.
I began to bend down to kiss his two breasts, bite and lick the tip of ti, and then barked at his tonic breasts. You are like a wild dog just chewing gnawing bites 2 aromatic.
Then I began to bend over to practice what I have learned from sex movies. I started the ball two edges and started licking the whale. I try to lick my tongue out all the time, and your baby is pissing him off continuously.
I licked and then suddenly it fell out of his hands to the grain. Day as long as it turns around back and forth. He grabbed her hair and pulled her down.
I know it, it’s so high up the lick then licked quickly and then suddenly off again. He was getting up and hugging me and kissing my tongue.
It sits on my leg but it just rolls back like a horse. Exhaled, the tongue and the tongue wrapped around each other.
I pushed it gently down, then hooked his hand to it to start hook and lick. At first dare to dread scare loud noise because your child is too much, then it omits people and then rub hands with the le. I can not stand the hook and the strong and fast. It’s a scabbard, and your baby’s curled up and he does not even think about it.
About 1 minute it jerked out to drench all sleep. He gasped. She lay down on it and kissed his face, to the lips it responds but it looks tired and breathing more.
Really feel awkward and anxious just to do, fast time for fear of slowing down.
Kissed a few times, the baby back up after a few minutes of sleep.
Your friend also regained consciousness, then pulled his head down to continue kissing as initially.
You just asked it:
T to hear
He nodded softly and continued kissing me.
Gently sit up, he squeezed his legs behind his back, it is understandable to hang his legs around. He put a pillow under his back, it loomed up in front of the cu.
Knees straight up, she starts to put cu. New feeling begins.
It’s tougher than your baby’s mouth, steamy and free. When your baby is cuffed with a tongue wipe through the back to look more happy. There is no tongue here but in exchange it is tighter and wet.
He bent down to kiss her and started slowly. Strangely, every click is not happy to resist, after every click is that you want to click the second shot close, deep. Your child has started to close his eyes blindly.
I also started faster, I click faster and faster. The creaking of the creak was louder than when I was hooking it. My hands clasped two breasts it strong treasure. Your child is a hand to hold his neck, one hand rub it in the le.
Do not know how to wipe or mau, I do not remember the heaven and earth only know when the click is very difficult to describe, it is happy and when clicked close to the belly when it hit the bunny it is at the peak.
All of a sudden his friend turned his back and they both stopped and breathed through it. Quietly about 15 20 seconds, he continued to click each turn tranche.
Have not been able to stand a few times, dull how not to be. So it’s always in. It’s a constant jerk, more jerky than before …
He bent down to kiss it, cu are still plugged inside not pulled out. That you look at it, he breathed and opened his eyes to me. He sat up on his feet, wrapped his arms around his neck and kissed. I really was just like my lover. I stuck to the truth.

He whispered: happy?
Em: Um, I must love you all the time.
He smiled and kissed me one more and crawled out of bed into the toilet. I step down to clean up.
He sat in the toilet flushed in the bun, he handed the paper to wipe his neck. standing on it, he put his hand in the water and then clawed his claw for sanitation.
I also stood still to do it. She will stand up and she will not get into his mouth once again, then she grants it, but only about 10 times it is released.
It’s going to sleep
I pull it up do not get up and kiss, then rub the bun it as regret, like that will only happen tonight and after tonight will be a memorial.
He whispered: Okay, no more. Let’s go to sleep.
She smiled on her cheeks and then took the clothes brought back and then woolen to bed.
She brought the pants and then took the paper to clean the bed and then go to sleep.
Bed is lying there, and it turns to hug me whisper say: Sleeping hi
Then I kissed you again.
I really could not sleep that night. There, he hugged, but when he was awake after the love, he knew everything was like a dream.
Early the next morning, I do not sleep well. Only when the other child it set up the younger brother to wake up. Two children who hugged me, then I brushed off to open up the glasses to drink warm water and sit in front of the garden view and remember the story last night.
I look at the room, look at the bed and then look at her. I wish it was my lover, I thought it would be like a kid it is not here and this baby is my lover, I’ll buy the breakfast for him and wait for him to sleep back to kiss and chat with it.


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