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Virginity is the most precious thing of a girl, no matter what age it is still fetished by the gentlemen and hunted later is a story of sex that I sent to

you that the main character is me and mai loan
I am Vy when I am 16 years old, my sister is Maiwan 18 years old we follow her parents out north. My family was escorted by an uncle to the city of Nam Dinh. My family rented a two-room house near the dragon market. Mom and Dad, one room and my sister. I am enrolled in Le Hong Phong Secondary School, only 10 minutes by bicycle to school. My uncle often reminded me that girls should not go out in the dark because this area is very dangerous.
Listen to my uncle, I only know the age of sixteen my body is very flourishing, in the bath time, I feel the fire in my body when the cock accidentally hit my newlywed pair, At times I use my fingers to gently clench the lid to make a spill of the latter. I know it is caused by stimulation.
– This is the beginning of the story of the girl with a lot of situations with many interesting and attractive. Which is good and fast.
Mai Loan is familiar with a boyfriend from Y Yen named Lam, Lam is a student at the same school, or often comes to take my sister to school. My parents did not like my sister to know the countryman, but my sister said that Lam was just an English teacher for Mai Loan so her parents let her be friends. One day Lam came to play, then Mother and her sister Mai Loan I go to the market to sit in waiting, because I am very hospitable to sit next to Lam and talk. I turned on the computer to air, in the computer film accidentally screened the movie "The Damages" when the man is making love to her daughter, Lam sit near and glanced at me, my cheeks blushed. because of embarrassment. I know I’m blazing so he grabbed my hand and held my hand over my shoulder, I was a little afraid but wanted to see the feeling of men like that. Lung said in my ear that I am very beautiful nothing. Mai Loan, my eyes and hot. -Lam: are you scared?
I answered no fear, I just complimented Vy, I smiled, Lin laughed and kissed my cheek lightly and he kissed my ear and licked my ear, I felt like blaze and clammy in the pants. melt down. Lin pushed me down on the sofa and rubbed my breasts gently, not letting me moan Ahhh uggggg. Seeing me like no resistance Lin always hands on the brake off the coin and he unclasped my shirt up … His lips licking on my right breast and the hand is lightly rub the left breast and he swap …. I moaned and breathed "ohhh uhhhh ……", while Lam kept his mouth sucking and his hand ran inside my ripper and he pulled back my panties, his arms clawing around the edge Pimmer and his fingers twist around the whip, the water I’m wet wet around the edge at this time I can not stand moaning more and more strong …
I took off my pants and grabbed my precious one, I was scared but I wanted to be curious, I grabbed without looking, his big and stiff, He slid over my hand, he was so excited and liked me pulling his skin up and down … I wanted to put his cunt into my tiny hole, he lightly pressed on the edge of the bunny gently pressed, I hurt too he pressed
For fear of my parents and my sister Mai Loan immortal so I was too afraid and it was not …
No pain Lam Lam very painful … At this he was like a beast do not want to smuggle me out and hold my hand to press the cuckoo and so much pain I used to roll down the right to the right and made two fell to the ground, I Got the opportunity to run into the room and lock the door …
Christmas night, parents go to visit her family, Van said that tonight to play Lam and told me not to tell parents. I tell Mai Loan is not natural. That day was very tired and I went to the bedroom early, Mai Loan went out until 2am and put Lam in bed in my room. In the dark it was dim but the street light was enough to see Lam kissing the breast. Of Mai Loan, Mai Loan moaning more and more pushing me to sleep, partly because of curiosity to see what they are doing. I pretend to sleep … Lam took off all Van’s clothes and he was also naked, he after breastfeeding her sister Mai Loan, then kissed down and breastfeed her sister Mai Loan, licked around the edge of Mai Loan.

"Aggggggggggg aggggggggg uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ……" Van is no longer afraid to have me beside him and Lin understands that I am awake, he was excited to lick a few times and he sat up, took the pillow under her ass Mai Loan and He was holding a tight-fitting crayon in Mai Loan, I knew Mai Loan was virgin as I was
So after he put in Mai Loan shouted "Aggggggg …." Pain is too painful .. Lam pressed and I saw his son flooded in the paddy Mai Loan, I look Mai Tong grate teeth and moan , Lam pushed and clicked through all of the rolling and pulled out again, each time as Mai Loan moan so loud he pulled her legs Mai Loan on his shoulder and he clicked in very quickly, Mai Loan moan makes me do not
I’m sorry Mai Lan Loan turned his butt back and he inserted from behind to Van sister so painful hand grabbed the bed and moaned more and more powerful, I saw Lam also moan and he quickly withdraw the cuff out her sister Mai Loan and shot gas on Mai Loan’s back … .The two players finished lying down hugging and sucking tongue,
I think Mai Loan is very happy to be playing like ..
The next morning when Lam went to the bathroom, Mai Loan turned to ask me
– Vy? Did you see anything yesterday?
– Yes, I see Lam and you ……… ..
– God, I thought you slept, do not tell my parents or you heard my sister died, I was silent not answer a moment and say, parents do not want you to take the countryside … …
Mai Loan shouted to this child I told him not to say that you did not say Mai Loan finished running out
I heard Mai Loan say something to Lam outside the door, one time they went into the room. Lin walked into the room with a towel and he took the brakes to reveal the stiff cuckoo that I see crows .. Mai Loan to see Lin turned to me, Vy you want to play? happy, try, she said Lam do not let me light …
I hear Mai Loan Mai said that fear. Q. Mai Loan afraid you are very afraid she called out LAM out … Mai Loan as not listening to me, leaned closer to me and pushed me to lie down and hold my hand while it forestry side
under my pants and he pulled my panties and licked my bum constantly, I tried something but Maiwan was so strong holding my hands tightly, then Lam licking buns I did not have enough resistance, he licked my balls and put his stiff cunt in my tiny virgin, he licked my bubbly mucus to help his little cukie click on my little groove …
– driedoong please dryoooooo Agggggggggggggggggggggg ….
He pressed a force of two inches and then rolled, he clicked repeatedly while I hurt too much but because the lubricant and sense of pleasure help me somewhat ".. Aggggg agggggggggg" Mai Loan my sister too much pain I am ….
It’s a bit of pain, enjoy you do not think about the pain .. LAM quickly pull his cunt and crawl to put in my mouth and click out, I suppressed but not half, he fed came into my mouth for a while and now I do not resist lying still for him to put into his mouth. He asked my sister to have pain relief ointment, my sister ran quickly out the box of pain relief ointment, in my mind I was sure Lam was afraid of pain so he used ointment to relieve pain for me pain .. I pulled the cuckoo out of my mouth and used the ointment to relieve pain in his cunt, he blinked my sister’s hand tightly …
He crawled down and licked the bun I confessed because he was fed, drank around the whip and licked down on my bun, he licked my buns as I put his butt up and down his lick … Lam sat up and took the pillow To my ass, I’m sure he will put the cuff back to me, but I do not … Lam slipped into the asshole … Oh my gosh, Mai loan me to die that much.Her sister. I just said crying …. hu hu hu sister please forgive me, .. i do not tell my parents hu huu Lam like not needing to know that i hurt him to apply extra fat to pain and put slowly into my ass and click on each bit … . "Agggggggggggggggggggg … so much pain … aggggggggg", he doubled my legs across his shoulder and click continuously in the anus … I just bite the teeth, then he pulled out and inserted into my bum, he changed constantly I was in pain just happy, aggggg Lam aggggg I hugged him to moan the aggggg he quickly pulled the cuffs and put back into my mouth click on what he shot to my mouth, a taste salty smell of smell and smell … .. Later I thank Mai Loan for me to enjoy a suitable time. This story my two sisters


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