Brother Of Daughter – HD – (2015) – America

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Putting her in the toilet at school

This is a real occurrence on the TT
I remember it was the 80’s in the seventh grade, I was the class leader, and the girl’s classmate, in the class had all 30 friends, male students have, girls have and teachers to sit interlocking.
I am the head teacher was arranged to sit at the head and the left side cover and the girlfriend was also placed on the headboard outside the right side do not have to say, me and that girlfriend is very hated to meet each other not say that sometimes Also cursed, perhaps because of the eye discomfort every time they meet, should be grafted for a couple of adversarial scenes.

Putting her in the toilet at school

Tales of 18+ in her school hygiene

Then when they came to the teacher, they called in and gave a lecture. I remember he told us this. Continue reading “Brother Of Daughter – HD – (2015) – America”

Call Girls Life – Full HD – (2014) – Canada

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Let your brother fuck his wife

We settled in the United States. I have a boyfriend that I work with. Although I have a wife but often sneak out with him to the club girl gril go naked. I know his mouth is so comfortable. We watch all kinds of girls from black and white gold. I also have prostitution, so enjoy watching women. I with my wife is also 30 years old and Hung under a bit. Saturday I came to the apartment to rent it. I gave it a new DVD. He dropped the DVD and we sat down. He does not know what’s in the DVD. But the picture just popped up and he saw my wife go shopping in the market. Continue reading “Call Girls Life – Full HD – (2014) – Canada”

22 Rooms Motel IV – Full HD – (1995) – Austria

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Cute girl

Trần Tu Vy is a very cute 17th girl. The family is well off, she is good at studying – the class teacher 11.

So many boys in school want to be half of her. And among the numerous boys, Vy chose Continue reading “22 Rooms Motel IV – Full HD – (1995) – Austria”

Cohabitation With My Sister I – HD – (2007) – England

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Time of a romance

One day, the taxi driver dumped me in front of a ‘blue gate, purple lime house, looked at me hesitated,’ how heavy this rain, how do you do not bring umbrellas …? ‘ I thanked him, handed the money to the old driver, the taxi to the station, leaving me standing, roared hands clenched the paper wet, hesitant … press the bell …
The woman opened the gate, gently slimmed, in a purple dress, "Who do you ask?", "This is X’s house …" "Come on …" and the white muzzle. gently remove the door latch, I surf step by step, the last time wondering "why are you here?"

"Brother …" the voice was soft, "there are visitors to him ..". English grumble, as if people interrupted the work is still unfinished. For years, I was as likely to die to hear once, that voice, the sweet sound. Continue reading “Cohabitation With My Sister I – HD – (2007) – England”

The Keechy III – 480p – (2018) – Spain

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My mother and I

I was born into a family not very rich, but not so hungry to eat hungry. My father is a public servant, my mother sells a small shop … My mother now has more than 40, but beautiful body: White skin, chest is not right, big head, big, my mother usually wear. Even when I was in the street wearing a tight lingerie, I felt my mother was extremely lustful, and I was right.

Almost everything is in perfect harmony, until one thing arises.

When I was in grade 8, the age of 9x when I first started puberty, as an instinct, I also took my cunt and shocked, then shivered, the sperm poured out, and This is the first ejaculation. Continue reading “The Keechy III – 480p – (2018) – Spain”

Fable Knead Salon – HD – (2012) – Austria

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Drunk drunk mischievous girl

On the wedding night, Cuong and Thuy together. Cuong feels happy to marry a beautiful wife like Thuy. Wife with all his love for his wife.

The most famous love postures are used by Cuong in this love. From traditional to doggy style, horse riding and more. Thuy felt happy with the pleasure her husband brought. Courage ends when Cuong releases a lot of sperm into the vagina.

Some time after Thuy was pregnant, she gave birth to a baby girl. The couple is very happy to have children, Continue reading “Fable Knead Salon – HD – (2012) – Austria”

One Servant HD – (2017) – America

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The story started one day when I was in the 11th grade. That day, we went to Trung’s house (the same class with us) to study (which I later learned to watch the movie The feeling for the first time watching the blockbuster was hard to describe Continue reading “One Servant HD – (2017) – America”

Friend mother: My Friend not at home 720p – (2017) – Korea

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You break the virgin brother

My name is Huong but my boss calls me Six. I am 28 years old, my husband is in the countryside to take me to the city to live. In fact, I prefer the city so I just ask for permission to visit the house. I have been in this family for 2 years now, my boss is a great businessman; It is unfortunate for my mistress that she widowed her husband from the past few years, is less than 40 years old widowed! The boss Continue reading “Friend mother: My Friend not at home 720p – (2017) – Korea”

And His Mother Too HD – (2007) – England

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Delirious girl screams

My name is Tien, Mạnh Tiến, I am not special at all, but I want to tell you about my process, my status, my love and my career. My family lives in a small province in Hau Giang. My dad lives in the house selling stalls, oh the stew of the village, all kinds of goods, from the fish sauce, soy sauce, jam confectionery to the wine alcohol, medicine, he filled up the tricycle. As a small grocery store, he pushed his car across the street from the other towns in the province to sell his products. The life of my family was also unstable, but almost all provinces know him. My father thought that I would succeed him later in my spare time or help him. For me he is a great father, every weekend he took me to football to support and promote the provincial football team. We are not happy when the home team wins …

Although I have been trading small, I do not want to succeed in this career. I want to break the rules. I try to study to study business management course rather than standing behind the car as my father.

Recognize me as lucky in life. At 27 years old, single (because I have not fallen love trap), good boy, I had a pretty fragrant position in a famous bank in the city as the head of credit department. My salary is quite high even if the year-end bonus I get is very high, not to mention other "satellite" services. Only last year, the amount of money I earn hundreds of millions. It’s not bad, is it ?

My parents also benefited from my accomplishment. I bought a grandfather’s house Continue reading “And His Mother Too HD – (2007) – England”

Young Mother HD – (2003) – South Africa

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Sex incest story – Strong up her aunt happy

The Mayan wind blows in the west of Laos, blowing like fire. Ms. Dau is sitting at the wooden back, barbed breast feeding. She wears a bib that sweats away. She loosens the bib, with a paper fan blowing out, the wind pounding her neck, her breast comfort a little. She releases her nipples Continue reading “Young Mother HD – (2003) – South Africa”

Porn Cover Farm HD – (2003) – AU

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Read sex sex stories – Sex her sex

This year I am 18 years old, coming out, and he graduated 2 years ago, we have known each other for a long time. 2 families also know what is not prohibited. Let us loose. The house is very rich, also the eldest son, my house is not inferior. He is very polite, 1m7 tall. Not fat nor sick, is considered the most handsome neighbors. I am not inferior to anything. Generally speaking, I am going to marry him. Then they will go to college.

Like every day, he led Continue reading “Porn Cover Farm HD – (2003) – AU”

I Like The Lovely Friend Full HD – (2015) – Spain

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Story loves the stepmother

Story 18+ Love your stepmother

Story loves the stepmother

From the day Cuong married Ms. Ngoc brought back. Dung is less common father than before. In part because of his work at the company, he was always wrapped around his beautiful young wife full of life. The other part is because Dung is also shy when his eyes meet the old man he is so adept at touching the beautiful young lady just his age.
Ngoc was once unloaded. She married when she was 25 years old. Having lived together for less than two years, her husband died in a car accident.
Receiving the amount of compensation, Ngoc continued to deviate until her startled. The amount left in the bank is not much. Ngoc was dying in a party held at a friend’s house, she met Cuong.
As his widow said Cuong is widowed firmly established business, Ngoc did not hesitate to fall into his hands quickly. An affair with an old child lasting for exactly three months leads to legitimation by a simple wedding party. Since then, Ngoc is officially Cuong’s wife.
Ngoc back into the room, she completely removed the only nightgown Continue reading “I Like The Lovely Friend Full HD – (2015) – Spain”

Manyguys Lover IV 480p – (2003) – Japan

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Hole girl 18

The dazzling sunshine of mid-June in the sunshine is shining straight across the street adding a sense of heat, hot and full of surprise on this land of highlands.

Sitting in a room with a familiar air-conditioning, I lay down my cell phone and do my favorite chores for the weekend.

Suddenly the message came with a strange name H with the content asked: "What are you doing? Continue reading “Manyguys Lover IV 480p – (2003) – Japan”

The Free Clip 360p – (2017) – South Africa

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Lucky photographer

Photographer V is scheduled to photograph her model T, but for the time being T has not been seen yet. V calls her assistant Continue reading “The Free Clip 360p – (2017) – South Africa”

I Like it BBC And Deep In My Anal Full movie HD – (2002) – Sweden

Baby Kiao Lan next door

The leaves fell lightly on the ground, softly touching the ground, so quiet as to fear the ground pain. The wind blows in, the smell of the throne of the leaves.

Early early autumn.

The sky is clear without a cloud, look down the green stream. The sound of water flowed through the stone, soft as the breath of the girl. The scent of forest flowers gently spread in the air, bringing sweet sweetness into the sky. That day, the sky is like the sparkle in that layer.

The girl laughs, revealing white jade teeth, white arms watering into the arcs in succession. Water in the river cool, in the sweet reef road. Each drop of sparkling jade fell from the girl’s hands. The sun shone on her shoulders like a pale yellow coat. She scooped up a splash of water. She prints in every drop of water, shining lightly every little bit of perfect face. From eyebrows to deep-set eyes, a pretty little nose, two red cheeks cheeky, sweet pink lips, all make ecstatic beings. Water absorbed from the hair dropped on the shoulders down the body, glistening on the puffy breasts. This young lady is indeed a virgin of heaven and earth, just as the whole world packs beauty into her.

Little Kimi limped her eyes, water early to make her feel relieved. She took a deep breath, all the fatigue left over. Her black hair dissolved into the water, floating with light waves. She touched lightly on her shoulders, dropping the soul into the water, into the flower. The scene is gorgeous, the beauties show, the sky is also spinning along the rings she created …

A black shadow hides on the leaves. Its charge was so small that no leaf shook, and no sound could be heard. The image came to the rear of Tieu Kieu as a shadow. Girls do not know, still passionate embrace the cool water.
The ball approached her closer. Pure silence.


One hand hugged her waist from behind, pulling her back into her lap.
The girl was shocked.

Xiao Kui appeared panicky, arm just raised up was locked y. His left hand hugged her, gently stroking her high collar, her white muzzle, lips kissing and smiling smooth skin of girls. When he put a kiss on her hair, Little Kieu had lost his panic. She recognized the smell of his body. This taste is so familiar to her …

The eyebrows widened, she said softly:
– Every time, I thought he was a pirate?
As she spoke, she jerked her elbow backward, thrusting into the other man’s ribs. Y belly up, flipping the cat forward, two hands just let go has hugged her hard from the front. Xiao Kieu out, backward after three steps, curved fingers pointing back, firing a pointed. This is her fourth in the Hundred Flowers only, only light shot out pink, occasionally fragrant flowers. The distance of the man and she is very close, the only reason shot only hit him. Critical situation is so, but he is not completely disorder. His arms stretched out as long as, just in time for Tieu Kieu just hugging her narrow waist. Xiaqiu unexpectedly, panic pointed hand up to the sky, the force also followed that shot up through the foliage. Fragrance diffuses in the space of relief. Men immediately close up, kiss her cheek lightly, laughing, joking back to her:
– No, I am a peach blossom.

She frowned, turning back. He wrapped his arms around her. She leaned her head back, leaning against his chest, saying:
– Dao hoa hacking to touch the wife of Miao grandeur nhỉ?

Y responded calmly:
– It is here.

She looked up at him. On her face, she liked the eyes. Deep as the sea, in the jade, bright as stars. Y is a handsome son. The beauty of the gentleman with a smile brightens the face.

He had his arms folded, she jerked, turned to y. Little Kieu slapped her on the cheek, her voice slightly sulky:
– The cat is lazy, early in the morning call it does not wake up, now also open to play games tease. Do you believe that two months of fasting?

Y hands folded:
– Downspeed down the nerve, this cowardly now do not dare recidivist again.

Xiaqiao smiled triumphantly. But then her eyes suddenly changed. Briefly, she cleared her throat:
– Put your hands down for the soot.

She looked up at her eyes:
– What?

Xiaoqi angry face, reply:
– Drop down.

He did not understand but dropped it.
Xiao Kieu immediately came back, his hand touching the wound on his chest. She was obviously not content, telling y:
– Where did this wound come from? To speak.

Y scratched his head scratching:
– We are often injured, remember?

She sighed, worried:
– Always make yourself hurt, or he was in the parent house, not giving away.
He laughed, his laughter made the scene around him suddenly alive:
– Turn us into the prohibition ban? Since when do you own the King?

Withdrawing the tree on his head, Xiao Qiao said:
– From now on no. I commanded to stand still to pour medicine.

Y is higher than her head, so the water here just flooded his chest. She squeezed the head of the tree to get the medicine, to cover the wound on his wound. Y did not stop bleeding, it hurt very much.

Just applying medicine, she said:
– Assassins that do not use drugs every time ya.
Y steaming eyes:
– I do not understand anymore. Probably in the power of the black than they are many times more.

She tried to stop laughing at his joke. Honey flowers only her only training to the fourth, not far from anything, to high school senior level four that she also can not fight over three. His opponents are not high-level players are also high-powered players, said they lost power of course is just joking. Xiao Kieu plugged the bob on his head, noticing that he was staring at his body, the female face slightly red. She said:
– Look what, you look so long still not tired?

He said, pointing to his chest and grimaces:
– As always, I have not been hurt.

Xiaqiao lowered his hand, knowing what he meant but she still tried to ask:
– What do you want?
Y laughed:
– As always, painkillers.
She pouted, shook her head:
– Only get water, opportunity.
Y also shook his head, wrinkled face make up, always say:
– I’m really hurt. It hurts. That’s hurt. Pain…

She suddenly took hold of him. She wrapped her arms around her, his arms made her feel very safe, very warm.
He suddenly said calmly:
– A kieu, if there is a future life, I still want to be with you.
Xiao Qiao laughed, jokingly said:
– Do not worry, do not let mama do not let parents.

Night down, stars sparkle in the sky, spots are small spots for velvet black velvet mat.

She lies in his lap, his hand in reverse his hair tomorrow. Watching his face, she wanted to tease. Xiaqiao hair with his face tomorrow, asked:
– What are you thinking about?

He pulled her closer to him, her eyes fixed on her. Every time he did that, her heart was beating.

Y smiled, saying:
– I’m thinking of something important.
She wrapped her arms around her neck:
– What?
He lowered his head and whispered in her ear:
– The story of a little baby.
She blushed, pushing him:
– Oppose, I oppose.

But she jumped out of his heart and fell down on the bed. For a moment, her back was in bed, in front of her was y.

He reached down on the bed, his face close to her face, he said:
– objectionable. Eliminate the saints.

Her heart fluttered, Tieu Kieu looked into his eyes, hot hot. But to this general, she still wanted to oppose:
– When the offensive forces. I will cut off your head.

Y kiss her. She suddenly no longer resist. The sweetness of the kiss made her melt in his arms. His hands gently flowed into her hair, pulling loose strands of thin bibs lurking on the rounded shoulders. Tieu Kieu’s heart beats fast. He gently pulled the silk bras down, put his hand on her heart, whispered softly into her ear something she could not hear clearly. His sturdy chest touched her body. The intimate contact made her hot body. Each kiss, gently kissed, she remembered very clearly but not transparent what she was doing. Her fragile fingers touched on his very wide, very warm back. Xiaqiao hugged him, beginning to respond to what he handed her.

The moon is bright, curious step into the home of one …
The sun slowly rises in the east, the weak sunshine of the new day knit together with morning rush. The air is still cool, the wind blowing in the foliage. The rain fall leaves fall leaves the scene filled with poetry.

Tiao Kieu modified the collar for her husband while his eyes did not leave her. Knowing this, she told him:
– Brother often talk about look so tired neck, but also like to look?
– What’s the price of it? Want to admire the beauty of the extreme.
She snapped at her nose y:
– Punish the crime when the blasphemer.
Y wrinkled his hand to touch his nose and said:
– I do not dare to say this.
Xiao Qiao nose, laugh:
– Have told me, do not let mama do not let go.
She suddenly pulled her in her lap, looking like a child doing drugs:
– There is a little bit far away.
Xiao Qiao laugh, lightly cup his head:
– Goodnight, come back soon. I hesitate to know that hand.
Y let go her, reply:
– I’m afraid. Go here.
He smiled and turned away.
At the moment he stepped out of the house, a feeling of unsettling suddenly surfaced in his heart. He stepped and stopped, turned to look at her. Tiao Kieu had left the place earlier when he went down to the kitchen. He gasped, calm himself and step forward. He knows who he is, what his mission is. Heaven was born just to perform that task.
So he is not allowed to be busy. If there is a problem, there will be a weakness. That weakness will destroy itself. Not only that, it is also a violation of the law of heaven. The consequences will be extremely serious. You know that. But he can not resist Tieu Kieu, resist holding her own. He could do anything to keep her safe, because she was the most important treasure in his life.
Just Xiao Qiao happy, everything else may not matter …

Y put all my heart into this cup. Y has set up a duplication of the message around to protect. It is hard to overcome all the monstrous aggression. This place is also very remote, within five hundred miles around without a shadow people.
This is a safe place.

Y may have thought too much. Y looked up to the sky. The wind still laughs at the foliage of rustling. Somewhere a few branches of leaves are not yellow dew slightly swayed to the beat of the room, half-hearted regret tree branches, half want to let go drifting in the wind … It is coming light. Maybe he was too anxious. Since childhood, there has been an upsurge in insecurity.

Honey flowers only penetrate the penetration through the left hand of men blue shirt. He shot back, fresh blood. He hissed a loud, quick acupuncture point on his arm. The blood is not red, but it is dark blue with oil.

The fire burned down, the flames shot up. The lava in the fire always lit up, licking even to the jar hole. The name of the lake is a volcanic crater that is active. But in the middle of the red lava lake, there are eight large, flat, black, vertical cylinders connecting the two sides, the diameter of the hand. Stacks of fire in the lake fire burned into a shiny black. Between the glowing reds of the firecrackers and the black knots, the white men rose up. Y hand swords field, white shirt phat phat, looks extremely destined. On the other side, a middle aged man with pointed, pale skin, shiny head with no hair. The two men standing opposite, look at each other do not blink an eye for a moment. Suddenly the male blue shirt caught the attention, the black sword swung straight to the south of the white shirt.

Miao Lam – male white shirt – immediately go up straight sword, straight up six straight shoot straight south to green shirt. Big mouth yell:
– Be strong, die!

Tilted lean to avoid only, moving the sword straight to the Miao Lam. Y curled up straight back, standing firmly on a pulp. The fire from the bottom of the fire still rising up. On his right thigh, the wound was still bleeding. However, the military is no better. There were only seven hits, causing the wounded army to be full, blue blood flowing into muddy fields on the ground. Miao Lam’s silver sword flew straight to the sword bar. The sound of a screeching sound. Swing away each other fly to each other. The sword curves down one corner and the silver sword cuts straight down. The sword flies straight up, against the attack of the silver sword. The sword makes a great sound. Wash the blood on the mouth, do not leave the sword. His throat made big hisses. On the other side of Miao Lam is not much better, his eyes look straight at the battle to hit the bloody like blood. Mouth ya not stop thinking about, control the silver at work at the time, cutting at the block. The two-sword ratio is also the internal strength of two players. Both were fighting under ten hours, not less injuries. This battle can be considered as the decisive battle of both. The fire from the fire to the lake flooded. Inhaling gradually becomes difficult. At that moment, the look of Miao Lam flashed a fury. From his sleeve, a flyer flashes toward the barracks. The troopers are paying attention to the battle. When he recognized the flight attendants, the pilot was only three feet away. Y is a sharp whistle, from the sleeve a huge flow of force to blow the air blowing down the fire. Innkeeper fell into the lake, moments have disappeared in the sea of ​​fire. Only hear Miao laugh laugh:
– You missed it.

The space of burning fire as suddenly dilated by a smell of cinnamon flowers. One of Miao Lam’s crosses straight through the shoulder of the Army. May he avoided, if not only move down a glass is straight through the heart. The sword is thus lost control in a moment. Make absolutely no silver to ignore that opportunity, cut the strong horizontal body made the sword cut into two, fall straight down the fire. The barbarians puffed out in bloody blue puddles, like knives that rode straight to the back, slamming the wall with a hissy sound. He put his arms around his shoulders, hissing at the sound of plastic as he spoke:
– Good little kid.
Mia blushes the edge still holding a smile of silver, decided to make silver attack directly toward the bar. Whenever the silver rushes toward you, suddenly a hurricane shoots, making the silver sword fall to the ground to strike an attack. Miêu Lam frowned, picking up. The barbell shook, the tail was as big as the pillar of the family hit the ground. He appears to be a very large snake, tongue sticking out red as blood. Cold curly blade, looking forward to the soap. The snake never stopped beating its tail against the wall, its long, pointed eyes pointing directly to Mia. The jellyfish in the lake shook violently at each beating of the beaker. Miao holds an average ton on a jelly, standing three places from the snake.

With a loud bang, the gypsum gradually collapses. The snake flexed its large body, pounding again. The quartz rocked. Mermaid sword flying straight up, Hundred Flowers only shot towards the snake. But thick layers of scabbard blocked all. The barbarians whistled:
– Little piggy, do not think of trivial punctuation through my scales.

Mia Lin kept his cool face, constantly tossing only. The last of the jellyfish was submerged in the fire. High rise fire. Although the sword, but because the shroud was covered by the dome above, the fire still licked to the spot sometimes. Y control sword kept a distance far enough with the Army, just ignited fire, just released. His wound began to rise, the blood dyed red heady patchy patch. His method is weak, the color gradually fades, the flowers also faded.

The tugboat tugged at the tail. The big tail whipped into the air, creating a hurricane. Miao Liao’s sword is about to fall. Y leaned to the side of the wind to fly near the side of the bar. Just waiting for that, the long tongue of the Army shoots up to grab the prey. Mia-lama was about to be swallowed by his sword, suddenly his sword came out of his sleeve, tearing the tongue out of his arm. The soldier did not know he had this, hissing in pain. Continuous Miêu Lam shot eight more. He yells as if he wants to fall. The barbarians whistled:
– Little kid, you can not escape.

The tongue was torn in two, like the first two. After the fire had risen, and licked into his robes. Mia Lam has no back roads, before all enemy life. Song still kept calm. He stood up straight on the sword, reciting his mind.

The bride laughed loudly. His laughter was even more frightening than his voice. It was a hissing noise. Miao Lam not mind to mind, mouth still mindfulness.

Hundred Flowers only shot one more, this time into the top of the head of the Army. The barbarians shrieked contemptuously:
– You want to scold for the army?

Mia Lam did not answer. The barbarians swept two pieces of the tongue toward Miao Lam. Y can not stand it anymore. Suddenly yelled loudly:
– Export!

His decision just ahead. On the body of the bar suddenly appeared eighty-one points, caused by eighty-one measures. The bewildered Beam fluttered against the wall and hit a pot. Blood from the eighty-one marks flying up. Barbarians tried to cover the wound but could not. He tried to kill Miao Lam before the blood in his body was all but exhausted exhausted. The body of the Army shrank, gathering until it became a small snake. At that time his last drops of blood also flown up, firing around. Desire to lower down, arrogant standing before the snake. The snake looked up, whispering:
– Nine Cousins ​​won the blood, who learned this martial arts? Who are you?

Mia smiled lightly, holding the snake up like holding a toy, hands strong squeeze his head, said gently:
– I know it is useless.

His sword cut off the neck of his neck, his face without protest. The back of fire was still burning. He tucked his head into the sack, kicking him down. Fire licking the snake’s body, soon turned into ashes.


It was clear morning, the city is busy with people. Miao Lai walked to the familiar stalls, first to buy clothes to replace his blood-stained clothes and soldiers, also burned by fire. He also wants to buy some extra stuff for Tieu Kieu. From the hospital down to town, if walking, it takes two hours to go, and you need to get back quickly. Near the cup, he did not want to seize the sword, avoid revealing.

The old man sold the wrapper, asked funly:
– This time Xiao Qiao not down with you? Is there any good news?
Y scratching his head, laughing, with a face that no killer has:
– If luck is coming You can not go back to the nursing home.
Her grandmother smiled sweetly:
– Want to return to the right child soon? Married couples fruit is not separated one by one.
He smiled at her instead of answering.

His eyes were flexible.
A shadow flashes quickly into the alleyway.
Lily smirked, his gentle looks are no longer.
He quickly paid for it, took the bag from the hands of the old lady.

Liao turned, slowly walked on the road of the city.
The person who came out of the alley followed him.
Miao Lam knew it …


Xiao Kiu patched the remaining shirt. This kind of general of her as a little kid, just like playing mischievous jokes. At times he laughed like a child, very innocent, very holy. Nobody thinks he has such a soulful body.
At times, she did not know where she was. A strong male or solid son playfully playfully? You deserve to rely on. On her side, she always felt safe. Y always protect her, protect her. But for her, he always needed a caregiver. She laughed. Any time you think about him can only conclude he is a complicated man. Maybe so that she loves him?

A cold air streamed into the back of her neck.
Little Kieu shuddered, recognizing that someone had just entered the house.
In this secluded place apart from her and her, who else knows?

She did not collect needles, eyes still do not leave the shirt but voice:
– What did you forget? Is it back then?
But only the cackles respond.

An insecurity invades her heart. Little Styles let go of the shirt, head back.

Her eyes suddenly widened in surprise.


Mia blushed, suddenly increased the force, the ball seemed to panic, rushed to pursue y. Miêu Lam put his foot on the jump, jump to the roof, play the magic. The follower did not despair, not follow him on the roof that ran lurking in the direction of y. The follower tries to keep the distance far enough to avoid the discovery. However, in just a moment, Miao Lam suddenly disappeared. The track stopped, looking around to find traces of prey. According to Miao Li using the rostrum on the roof will be easy to detect, so he suddenly disappeared. From the hunter’s standpoint to the hunter, he could not help but panic.

His neck was cold.
A cold sword swung around his neck, making him a dead body.

– Why follow me? To speak. – The sound of the Miao Lam is sharpened.


Kieu tries to get his shirt. Blood red dyed her face. Tears flooded. She did not want to die.

Little Kieu breathed, the wound in her abdomen did not stop bleeding. She felt cold body, two hands no longer. Her eyes were heavy, his image blurry before his eyes.

She did not want to die. I do not want to die. She loved the world. Where are you? Why has not returned? She wanted to see him.
She got the shirt. Liu Qiao burst into tears, embracing his shirt. This life she was also seen again?